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While the rules for properly disposing of garbage are the same for all Dublin residents, the handling procedures and receptacle setup can vary, depending on where you live. Below are some important program rules. Please contact your property manager for questions related to your specific complex.

All garbage must be placed in the correct bin, cart or chute. Never put garbage in the recycling bins or carts! If you have any questions, please contact your property manager.

No furniture, including couches, sofas, overstuffed chairs, beds or appliances allowed in the garbage bins or enclosure areas/trash rooms. Contact property management for information on how to properly dispose of furniture, appliances or other large items.

Do not overfill garbage bins/carts, or place discarded items on the ground where they can block access and prevent the driver from emptying the bin or cart.

WARNING! It is illegal to dispose of hazardous materials in garbage or recycling containers (see side bar to left for prohibited items). Improperly disposing of hazardous and toxic waste can result in serious harm to the health of people, pets, wildlife, and our environment. Containers found to have these materials will not be collected until such materials are removed.


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