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Reusable Recycling
Bag for Residents

Reusable Recycling Bag

Recycling - How To Guide

How To Recycling Guide

Letter from Property Manager

Letter from Property Manager

Recycling Posters

Recycling Posters
Effective July 1, 2012, State law (AB 341) requires that all multi-family complexes with 5 or more units offer recycling service for their residents. Click here for more information. Most apartment and condominium complexes in Dublin are already in compliance with AB 341 and have been offering recycling services for their residents for years.

Your complex should have one or more of the following;

Mixed Recycling cart or bin Mixed Recycling Cart  Mixed Recycling Bin
Cardboard Only recycling bin Cardboard Only

Mixed Recycling bins or carts - Accepted materials include all clean dry paper, flattened cardboard, glass (bottles & jars only), rigid plastics such as bottles, jugs, tubs, buckets and toys, and metal cans. You can even recycle your household batteries (simply place in a sealed plastic bag and put the bag in with your other mixed recycling). Click here for program rules, including more detailed information regarding accepted (and prohibited) items.

NOTE: If Cardboard Only recycling bins are provided in your complex, please use them for your cardboard boxes only (no paper or other items allowed, all boxes must be empty and flattened).

All Dublin residents that live in complexes with Mixed Recycling collection service are eligible to receive a complimentary recycling kit, to make recycling more convenient. Each kit contains a reusable recycling bag, a Recycling How To Guide, and a letter from your property manager explaining program rules specific to your complex. Please contact your property manager if you have not yet received your kit, or if you need a replacement.

WARNING! It is illegal to dispose of the following hazardous materials in garbage (or recycling) containers:

No fluorescent light bulbs or tubesNo appliances, tv's, computers, monitors, other electronic wasteNo paint, chemicals cleaners, solvents, other toxic chemicalsNo syringes or needles (sharps)
  • No fluorescent light bulbs or tubes
  • No appliances, TV's, computers, monitors, other electronic waste
  • No paint, chemicals cleaners, solvents, other toxic chemicals
  • No syringes or needles (sharps)
Improperly disposing of these items and other hazardous waste can result in serious harm to the health of people, pets, wildlife, and our environment. Containers found to have these materials will not be collected until such materials are removed.


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