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Free Food Waste
Recycling Program

Free Food Waste Recycling Program

School Fundraising for
recycled bottles and cans
School Fundraising for recycled bottles and cans

Free Indoor Recycling Containers Indoor Recycling Containers
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Free Decals and Stickers     

Go Green Initiative/Grants Go Green Initiative/Grants
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Student Assemblies / Presentations
Student Assemblies / Presentations
All Dublin schools are actively recycling and many schools have comprehensive programs targeting paper, bottles and cans, cardboard and even food scraps and other organics from their lunch areas. Many Dublin schools have been able to significantly reduce the amount of waste being disposed of in local landfills, saving money and reducing their environmental footprint in the process

How AVI Can Help Your School: AVI can support your school's recycling/environmental efforts in a number of ways, including free technical assistance, and helping your school obtain indoor and outdoor recycling containers for your campus (see below for a list of AVI services available to schools). If your school is interested in starting, expanding or improving your recycling program, we're here to help.

Targeted materials for recycling at schools:
AVI's School Bottle/Can Fundraiser Program: AVI's School Bottle/Can Fundraiser Program is a great way for students and school clubs to earn money for their separated beverage containers. To learn more about this program, call 925-479-0545 today and ask to speak to AVI's Recycling Coordinator.

Free Recycling Assistance & Resources For Schools
AVI provides all schools with free collection services for mixed recycling and cardboard recycling. Dublin's public schools also receive free food waste/organics collection service. AVI offers the following assistance to help Dublin schools increase recycling and reduce waste.
  • Free waste assessment to determine your recycling service needs
  • Free technical assistance, including program setup/support
  • Free indoor and outdoor recycling containers and/or grant writing assistance to purchase recycling containers (supplies limited)
  • Free recycling posters and container decals
  • Funding for campus environmental projects through the joint AVI/Go Green Initiative (GGI). AVI is also a proud member of Dublin Partners in Education (DPIE)
  • Free recycling trainings for students and staff
School Food Waste/Organics Recycling Program

Did you know that in many Dublin schools, lunch waste represents the single largest source of trash (by volume) generated on campus? And did you know that the majority of lunch area discards can easily be composted instead of being disposed of in local landfills? Many Dublin schools are already taking advantage of AVI's free school food waste/organics program, which includes free collection service, free containers, free program setup and free ongoing technical support. They're separating their food scraps, food trays and food soiled paper, and are reducing lunch area waste by 60-70% or more as a result.

For more information about how your school can benefit from this exciting program, or to find out how you can get involved, call AVI at 925-479-9545.

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