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Free Mixed Recycling and Cardboard Only Bins

Mixed Recycling Dumpster  Cardboard Only

Mixed Recycling Cart

Mixed Recycling Cart

Reusable Recycling
Bag for Tenants

Reusable Recycling Bag

Recycling - How To Guide

How To Recycling Guide


Some bi-lingual available
(English / Spanish)

Letter from Property Manager

Letter from Property Manager

Recycling Reminder
Door Hanger

Recycling Reminder Door Hanger
NEW! Mandatory Commercial Recycling The State of California recently passed mandatory commercial recycling law, State Assembly Bill 341. Effective July 1, 2012 all multi-family dwellings generating 4 cubic yards/week or more of solid waste are required to separate recyclable materials for recycling. Click here for more information.

AVI offers a variety of garbage and recycling collection services designed to meet your community's specific needs. We also offer free resources (see left side bar) to help you make recycling as convenient as possible for your residents and maintenance staff. Call AVI today at 925-479-9545 to find out how our free recycling services can help save you money by reducing disposal costs. AVI also offers free assistance and resources to help property managers start and maintain their on-site recycling program.

NOTE: Distributing these resources to your residents can increase recycling program participation and reduce issues with contamination, reducing disposal costs and maintenance staff workload. See below for a description of available services and resources, or call AVI at 925-479-9545 for more information.

  • Bins (available in sizes 1-7 cubic yards)
  • Carts - 96 gallon carts (once per week pickup only)
  • Compactor service (available for container sizes ranging from 2-40 cubic yards)
  • Drop boxes - for bulky items or special pickup events (available in sizes ranging from 15-40 yards)

Free! Mixed Recycling - Weekly Mixed Recycling service is available at no additional cost. Your residents can recycle their paper, cardboard, glass containers, rigid plastics and metal cans in a single bin or cart! Click here for program rules and a list of accepted (and prohibited) items.
  • Front loader mixed recycling bins (available in sizes 1-7 cubic yards)
  • Mixed recycling carts available in 64 and 96 gallon sizes.
Free! Cardboard Only Recycling - Cardboard boxes can account for as much as 20%-40% of the total volume of waste generated at multi-family communities, especially during move-in / move-out season (May - September). In complexes that provide carts for mixed recycling (instead of recycling bins), most of that cardboard either does not fit in the carts or it fills up the entire cart, leaving little or no room for other recyclable materials. As a result, those large cardboard boxes, as well as displaced recyclables (bottles, cans and paper) frequently end up in the trash, taking up valuable space in your garbage bin and, eventually, the landfill! If this scenario sounds familiar at your site, consider adding a strategically located Cardboard Only recycling bin. There is no additional cost, and doing so can increase recycling at your complex, reduce overloading of mixed recycling carts and help keep down (or possibly even reduce) disposal costs.
  • Cardboard recycling bins are available in sizes 1-7 cubic yards.

All Dublin residents living in complexes with Mixed Recycling service are eligible to receive a complimentary recycling kit, provided by AVI and the City. Each recycling kit consists of a reusable recycling bag and a Recycling How-To-Guide . Participating complexes typically include a letter from the property manager, explaining program rules specific to their complex. AVI makes it easy for property managers by providing a customized template that you can use. Click here for sample multi-family outreach letter.

Free replacement recycling kits are available for your new move-ins. If you have run out of recycling kits or your supply is running low, please contact AVI at 925-479-9545 today and we will deliver more to you as our supply allows. AVI may also be able to provide free Recycling Reminder door hangers that can be distributed to residents periodically (supplies are limited). The door hangers remind residents about key program rules, and can be an effective tool to help increase participation and reduce contamination. Call 925-479-9545 and ask to speak with AVI's Recycling Coordinator for more information.


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