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Note: Household batteries can be recycled along with your regular recycling. Simply put them in a sealed plastic bag and place them in your mixed recycling bin or cart.

Commercial customers can choose from a variety of garbage collection services designed to meet your specific needs. Call AVI Customer Service at
925-479-9545 for more information.
The following services are available to AVI's commercial customers:
  • Bins range in size from one to seven cubic yards. Click here for bin dimensions. Standard collection service is offered Monday through Friday.

  • Garbage carts (plastic rolling carts) are available for customers that generate sufficiently small quantities of trash. Click here for cart dimensions. Garbage cart service is provided once per week.

  • Compactor service is also available (sizes 2-40 cubic yards)

  • Lock & Key Service, to reduce problems with illegal dumping and vandalism, is available for an additional fee.

  • Extra pickups are available for a fee. Please call before 3:30pm to arrange a pickup for the next available business day. No same day pickups.

No Overfilling of bins or carts. Lids must close completely. The driver will not empty overloaded bins or carts. If your garbage container is overflowing on a regular basis, please call AVI to increase service.

Lids must remain closed. City law requires that all garbage bin/cart lids must remain closed when not in use.
WARNING! It is illegal to dispose of hazardous materials in garbage or recycling containers (see side bar to left for prohibited items). Improperly disposing of hazardous and toxic waste can result in serious harm to the health of people, pets, wildlife, and our environment. Containers found to have these materials will not be collected until such materials are removed.



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